Sunday, September 30, 2007

Canton Wkend

After spending the past wk feeling sick from sinus crap-decided to go to Canton sat morning. It's still warm, but there was a breeze to help keep it tolerable. I love canton for the thrill of treasure hunting, but also for the people watching. I mean, where else can you see 55+ yr old women wearing little jean skirts w/a tube top? Not to mention the leather looking tanned skin~or that wedge hanging between said skirt and top? Do some just not look in the mirror? do they think they look decent? Or do they have hellatious self esteem? Makes you want to stop and ask them.
Went in the "back way" and got my good parking spot (ie, one close enough to drop off stuff when bag gets heavy) and started the hunt. Found some old rusty looking things-old lamp base that will look cool when i actually use it. Found some old ice cream spoons-rusty and all. The guy said they would clean up w/sos pad, but he didn't know i love rust. I think my bargain was the phone shelf i found-for $15. They sell for 45-50 in dallas. My gram had one in her house. It had the virgin mary in it...mine will have something funky someday.
The license plate will be cut up for the numbers/letters. The Junk ladies (ki and sue of Country Home mag) were at canton. They had a booth and were promoting their book and the mag. The had cut up license plates and each letter sold for about $3. i can do it myself... I do love their ideas though.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Rat House

Catchy title huh? Well, back in jan i was at a funky antique kind of store when i came across an old wooden box-i love old wooden box-type things, so i had to dig it out from under other stuff and check it out. It had a tiny tag that said "rat house." I kid you not-it's in my journal for proof. How could anyone pass THAT up? I knew none of my friends could boast of having one. I would be the only one with a gen-u-ine rat house. Well, i have grand ideas for said house, only it sits for awhile...i finally made a "rat nest" to put in there for starters. It sits some more. Last week while checking out the halloween stuff at michaels i find the perfect rat! ugly, hairy brown, dirty looking thing-perfect for the house. I can put a halloween hat on it for now-change it up at christmas...etc...

I bring the rat home-and nala-who must inspect every bag you bring into the house makes no exceptions with this bag. Within 2 min of arriving home i see her run off-i knew she had something-and sure enough, the rat is in her mouth w/a piece of "fur" alreadt torn. I had to hide it for few days, then when she wasn't home, put the rat into the box.

She discovered it. She laid in front of the box and growled at it. alot. Then gary caught her chewing on the box. NO, no, bad dog. Fri i wake up for work, and notice something in the living room-turn on a light. It's the rat. Or what is left of it. One million pieces of it. The box was on the other side of the room-with the plexiglass door open-a chunk of it is gone. just gone.

Nala owes me one rat.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Treasure Hunting

After a day of miserable nausea (compliments of the day off effexor) i was much better sat. (just being able to stand up w/out feeling like i would die was an improvement) anyway, decided to go to the Cattle Barn and Buchanan's flea mkt today in fort worth. Never made it to Buchanan's. Found so many fun things at the barn that i didn't "need" to go to the other. The cattle barn (this wk actually the poultry barn) is always hit or miss. Vendors aren't always there-the booths covered in sheets-or roped off (usually when there is something cool) so i don't usually hold alot of hope of finding alot. Today was a junkers mekka! The first stuff i bought was at a booth where it was all at least 1/2 off. For $3 i got a book, powder compact, shoe and old tin w/most of it's original box. This will sit on a shelf in the bathroom-appropriate i think.

I found a booth with a table of old stuff~the guy said if you can find 3 things, it's a $1. I managed to find 9 for $3-then another 2 in a different area.

i also found 2 photo's, but the bargain of the day was a box that said all for $10-i debated and finally went back, too cool to pass up. i have plans for a few things already. ..

Monday, September 10, 2007


Sat I attended the wedding of a long-time friend. 2 other friends and I made the trek out to McKinney to see Traci and Eric say their vows. She was beautiful in her dress-with the silver design sparkling as the sunlight caught it. Her neices had on the cutest dresses-looked like pink flower petals~and i loved the cake topper-the crown. The happy couple are in Jamaica now...congrats!

Book Signing, & a Class

I had the opportunity to attend a book signing w/Rice Freeman-Zachary, James Michael Starr and Michael DeMeng last week. The discussion before the signing was very enlightening. It's good to know that even they have the same good and bad days that the rest of us do. No matter what your level of art, you have your insecurities.

On Fri, i took a class with Michael DeMeng. If you ever have the chance to take one of his classes- do! It is fun to be in a room with him-not to mention the class itself is really good. I took a light box shrine-loved the whole concept of the layers. Can't seem to get a good photo to post, but will try again soon. Suffice it to say, they were all really cool in person!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

ArtFest registration time...

Today's the day! time to mail the registration for artfest '08~
When i left for the post office it was appropriately raining...reminded me of seattle. I bought my postage, however no telling WHAT time it will be postmarked as the lady wouldn't do it-actually she looked at me w/a "huh" look on her face...i just don't know where they find these people...
so my fingers are crossed-it's out of my hands now.