Saturday, September 15, 2007

Treasure Hunting

After a day of miserable nausea (compliments of the day off effexor) i was much better sat. (just being able to stand up w/out feeling like i would die was an improvement) anyway, decided to go to the Cattle Barn and Buchanan's flea mkt today in fort worth. Never made it to Buchanan's. Found so many fun things at the barn that i didn't "need" to go to the other. The cattle barn (this wk actually the poultry barn) is always hit or miss. Vendors aren't always there-the booths covered in sheets-or roped off (usually when there is something cool) so i don't usually hold alot of hope of finding alot. Today was a junkers mekka! The first stuff i bought was at a booth where it was all at least 1/2 off. For $3 i got a book, powder compact, shoe and old tin w/most of it's original box. This will sit on a shelf in the bathroom-appropriate i think.

I found a booth with a table of old stuff~the guy said if you can find 3 things, it's a $1. I managed to find 9 for $3-then another 2 in a different area.

i also found 2 photo's, but the bargain of the day was a box that said all for $10-i debated and finally went back, too cool to pass up. i have plans for a few things already. ..

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