Sunday, September 30, 2007

Canton Wkend

After spending the past wk feeling sick from sinus crap-decided to go to Canton sat morning. It's still warm, but there was a breeze to help keep it tolerable. I love canton for the thrill of treasure hunting, but also for the people watching. I mean, where else can you see 55+ yr old women wearing little jean skirts w/a tube top? Not to mention the leather looking tanned skin~or that wedge hanging between said skirt and top? Do some just not look in the mirror? do they think they look decent? Or do they have hellatious self esteem? Makes you want to stop and ask them.
Went in the "back way" and got my good parking spot (ie, one close enough to drop off stuff when bag gets heavy) and started the hunt. Found some old rusty looking things-old lamp base that will look cool when i actually use it. Found some old ice cream spoons-rusty and all. The guy said they would clean up w/sos pad, but he didn't know i love rust. I think my bargain was the phone shelf i found-for $15. They sell for 45-50 in dallas. My gram had one in her house. It had the virgin mary in it...mine will have something funky someday.
The license plate will be cut up for the numbers/letters. The Junk ladies (ki and sue of Country Home mag) were at canton. They had a booth and were promoting their book and the mag. The had cut up license plates and each letter sold for about $3. i can do it myself... I do love their ideas though.

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Traci said...

How awesome - lovely finds, Donna. I was wanting to go so badly but with Eric being out of a job I decided I had better stay home. I'm thinking next month!

I also wonder about those who have the 'wedge'. Am I missing something because I hate seeing my backfat hang out of my clothing! Maybe I need a little of what they are on! jk