Friday, January 26, 2007

From the mouths of Babes...

Last sunday (jan 21) gary and i went w/my sis and her boys to eat dinner. She told us that she had gone to Joann's and while there, filled out a paper to enter a contest. Little did she know that patrick pulled the paper out of the bowl to read it-then yelled-in his loudest voice "HEY TRAV, MOM'S NOT 26, SHE'S 40!!!!!" she said the whole store probably heard him. We still maintain that she is 26 and i am 29...

While on the drive to dinner, i decided to pretend to start getting carsick. i sat in back (usually up front w/her) anyway, started acting like i was getting sick-patrick, the youngest who was next to me, scooted way over by travis. He asked suzanne "how much longer til we get to the restaurant" she and gary said about 7 min. "well, you may have to pull over" He told her to roll down the window-she rolled travis' down and he said "the OTHER window-all the way" i told him i would put it down if the need arose. At one point i heard him say "hey trav, want to change seats" finally acted like i was throwing up towards them (travis bought into this act too) patrick scrunched closer to travis.
then I laughed-and patrick looks at me and says "you are the worst grandma"
i couldn't stop laughing then-neither could suzanne or gary. my stomach hurt. i told him i was an aunt, not his grandma-he said "what-ever"

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Friday i happened to mention to Gary that "i guess i won't be going to see STYX tomorrow" and he asked me why. I said i never won tickets. He laughed and said we should go see them-so we looked online on the Billy Bob's website, but all they had were obstructed view. Sat we decided that we would just go out there and get general admission and take our chances. Well, we get there and Gary gets a call from my brother and while he is on the phone a woman walking through the parking lot asked if we had tickets-i said "not yet" She had 3-she had to sell-bought them for her daughter and 2 friends and didn't have parental consent so billy bob's wouldn't let them in-she sold me all 3 for $20. i told her we only needed 2, but she gave them all to me-these were $28 tickets-i felt bad, but nothing she could do-called a few people to see if they could come-but no luck. We had a drink-listened to the band that was playing-then headed into the showroom around 10-concert started at 10:30. (and yes, i know my picture has bug eyes as usual-this is why i hate having my picture taken) I hadn't seen STYX since High School and was looking forward to it-loved them back then-still do~Tommy Shaw still looks the same-none of us has aged a bit :) They came out and it was GREAT! Gary had never seen them so he was looking forward to the concert. Of course, we had the obligitory ONE guy who was 10 ft tall at the table ahead of us-and he wore his cowboy hat while he stood-the man behind us said "he's the obstructed view!" If only he were the only "problem" NO. We then had to get the obligitory obnoxious couple(s) next to us-who came late of course and were already drunk. The man who had to hang on the girlfriend-kissy kissy and such-she finally passed out with her head on the table. So then he had to sing and dance for the other girl that was with them-her companion (husband?) didn't look like he enjoyed much of the evening. This guy was a major obstructed view-thought he was there to entertain us all. I told gary at least we knew he wasn't getting any that night-and maybe she would puke in his car too~ :)

But the music was Great! Played some of my favorite stuff-so i was happy!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


We actually got a bit of ice, but not what they claimed we would wake up to-now they are saying we'll get it tonight and sun night. I'll believe it when i see it. I see OK and MO got it-did get a few pictures of the ice on branches. Mostly stayed in today and did art- stay warm!

Friday, January 12, 2007

More Art

Thought i would post a few pictures of something i was working on-got the old box at an estate sale-tend to "collect" old boxes-anyway, put this together in it-there is still a piece i would like to add to the top, but soldering didn't work. I think i'll have to get my brother to weld it for me, then we'll see if it can be attached.
there is braille paper in the back-w/other vintage paper on the bottom and "ledges." I got the broken doorplate at canton, typed 'bloom' for the hole and put a glass bubble over it. wasp nest compliments from now dead wasps at my house. vintage photo. obvious. so that's it~
more later- supposed to be icy allllll wkend. so i can just stay home and play.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I can Finally post again!

There were problems w/the new blogger but i'm back! One of my "goals" this yr (won't call
it a resolution) is to learn how to add more stuff to my blog-like links for other blogs
and get my darn picture to show up on the profile section! did try tues night, but no luck.
First, i'll say 'happy birthday" to "Red"-i've had my car one yr now-that day i emailed gary
at work and said "what the hell, let's get the sporty car" is just a memory. I'm enjoying my turn in this family of having something that isn't the "mom" car, but when that lease is up, i will go back to the "mom" car size. (no way a wing chair from an estate sale will fit in the back of red like it did the mobster mobile!)
Next, i took a "field trip" with a friend wed when i got off work. We headed to dallas to find two shops she had heard about while in austin. Dolly Python and Curiosities. We both agreed DP would be a good one to go back to, but Curiosities was just ok. We both managed to buy something at DP. I got an old metal film spool-with film and...the unusual item that NONE of my friends can say they will be a conversation piece when i get done with it. Had to pull a bunch of items off of it to even see it completely-then debated on getting it since it has only a small opening to have access inside-an opening that is partially broken-probably where the thing that was housed in it escaped from...yes friends, i am now the proud owner of a ...
RAT HOUSE. yes you heard right. I know gary is used to being around me now when he didn't even bat an eye when i told him what i that's love.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

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Here's to a safe, happy and healthy new year filled with friends, family and ART!
(and yes, i am a day late)
Time to think of some resolutions-or goals for the new year~Have actually been doing some art this past few days-AND trying to get the "room" back in order. The table is at least cleaned off enough to work on-in more than a 12 X12 space! Can't post what i'm working on yet since one is a gift and the other is for a swap..
Back to work tomorrow. been nice having time off. I'll leave you with a quote:
"Angels occupy the loviest corners of our thoughts." - Anonymous