Saturday, January 06, 2007

I can Finally post again!

There were problems w/the new blogger but i'm back! One of my "goals" this yr (won't call
it a resolution) is to learn how to add more stuff to my blog-like links for other blogs
and get my darn picture to show up on the profile section! did try tues night, but no luck.
First, i'll say 'happy birthday" to "Red"-i've had my car one yr now-that day i emailed gary
at work and said "what the hell, let's get the sporty car" is just a memory. I'm enjoying my turn in this family of having something that isn't the "mom" car, but when that lease is up, i will go back to the "mom" car size. (no way a wing chair from an estate sale will fit in the back of red like it did the mobster mobile!)
Next, i took a "field trip" with a friend wed when i got off work. We headed to dallas to find two shops she had heard about while in austin. Dolly Python and Curiosities. We both agreed DP would be a good one to go back to, but Curiosities was just ok. We both managed to buy something at DP. I got an old metal film spool-with film and...the unusual item that NONE of my friends can say they will be a conversation piece when i get done with it. Had to pull a bunch of items off of it to even see it completely-then debated on getting it since it has only a small opening to have access inside-an opening that is partially broken-probably where the thing that was housed in it escaped from...yes friends, i am now the proud owner of a ...
RAT HOUSE. yes you heard right. I know gary is used to being around me now when he didn't even bat an eye when i told him what i that's love.

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