Friday, January 26, 2007

From the mouths of Babes...

Last sunday (jan 21) gary and i went w/my sis and her boys to eat dinner. She told us that she had gone to Joann's and while there, filled out a paper to enter a contest. Little did she know that patrick pulled the paper out of the bowl to read it-then yelled-in his loudest voice "HEY TRAV, MOM'S NOT 26, SHE'S 40!!!!!" she said the whole store probably heard him. We still maintain that she is 26 and i am 29...

While on the drive to dinner, i decided to pretend to start getting carsick. i sat in back (usually up front w/her) anyway, started acting like i was getting sick-patrick, the youngest who was next to me, scooted way over by travis. He asked suzanne "how much longer til we get to the restaurant" she and gary said about 7 min. "well, you may have to pull over" He told her to roll down the window-she rolled travis' down and he said "the OTHER window-all the way" i told him i would put it down if the need arose. At one point i heard him say "hey trav, want to change seats" finally acted like i was throwing up towards them (travis bought into this act too) patrick scrunched closer to travis.
then I laughed-and patrick looks at me and says "you are the worst grandma"
i couldn't stop laughing then-neither could suzanne or gary. my stomach hurt. i told him i was an aunt, not his grandma-he said "what-ever"

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