Thursday, February 15, 2007


On Fri Feb 9th i hit the road around 9:30 for Fredricksburg to meet up with 5 other friends for a wkend of art, laughs, farts and fun...We all met up at The Brewery and ate as we got there. After some catching up, we headed to our B & B outside of town. "Deep in the Heart" was where we stayed. (had the whole house to ourselves) It was nice-we had heated floors in the room we hung out in and the upstairs bathroom. It was really cold all wkend, so those were nice.

Here is a picture of the other "girls" on our last morning. Mary, Melissa, Stacia, Chris and Shannon~

We made crowns, ate, worked on a beaded bracelet, ate, knitted, ate-went into town for a bit~ate. (and did other projects too) The best laugh we got was from the fart machine. (yes I brought it) took it into town and used it at the restaurant at dinner-i wish i could have seen the look on the couple's faces when i set it off twice as i passed by on the way out-i heard their heads turned in unison...
Went to a cool cemetery on sunday-an old german one-had a few statues and some cool metal boxes they used to keep wreaths in.
won't post the whole weekend itinerary here-just suffice it to say we had a great time!

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