Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Road Trip

This time i went to Austin fri after work. Made it to an antique mall i had been told about-only got to spend 40 min in there before they closed, but got some photos, lace and an old garden faucet. Drove around a bit-went to 1/2 price books-the old store is gone and a new one took it's place-not nearly the character of the old one.
The reason i was in austin was to take a class with Stephanie Rubiano
Class was wonderful-lunch was served and it was wonderful too-will post what i made once it's finished. We worked on shadow boxes like she makes and it was a great relaxing creative day! Enjoyed the company of the other women in the class with me.
Managed to run by Uncommon Objects before i left town-a funky antique store on south congress-a bit pricey but cool stuff!

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