Friday, May 05, 2006

Storms and Guests

Been really stormy the last few nights. I love the rain-always loved the thunderstorms too-watching the lightening and the smell of the wet ground. Gary called me late (2:30am) to tell me nasty weather (hail)coming our way. I was NOT getting out to move the car somewhere. Back to sleep to be wakened by a noise at 4am...thought someone was pounding on the front door-turns out it was scratching at the garage door that leads into the house. opened the door-thinking it was one of our dogs-although Mia was in and Nala was w/gary. I looked down and said "you are at the wrong house" as MO walked in (he had tags) well, he got to spend the night in our doghouse. couldn't leave him out in the stormy weather. He ended up spending the day til his owner's got home from work. Mo has been sad all yr-his "kid" went to college this yr and he is lonely. (kind of ugly too w/that underbite)
Got the dining room textured, sanded, painted and glazed this week. i'll post a picture of the work in progress, but until i put furniture back and hang stuff, it just looks like a wall. Not that a picture online can really give you the full effect, but i can say that Mo's mom was impressed with it. I'm also toying w/the idea of whitewashing over the glaze to tone it down a bit. But want to wait til i see the room all done in full daylight-not cloudy light as it's been.
Had a sad thing happen this week. Nala went out back to do her business, and ran into the house making a beeline for my room-i knew she was up to something-then i saw fur in her mouth. Just knew it was a rat. It wasn't. It was a baby bunny. I yelled and she put it down. I think she thought it was a toy. It hopped around and i picked him up and took him outside. It was VERY little-fit in my hand. Was afraid parents wouldn't take it back w/my scent-but put it out anyway. Figured i would check on it a little later and if it was still there, we could care for it and take it to the local vet in the am that takes wild animals. Sorry to say the little guy didn't make it. I was really sad for it. He is now buried in front-where he'll have a special marker later and i'll know he was there. So now, we are back in the habit of making sure no bunnies are out before we let a dog out.

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AtomicMonkey said...

Sorry to hear about the bunny. Bad Nala! Dining room looks nice so far though.