Sunday, May 21, 2006


Looked outside on wed-and the house behind us was close to being torn down. They had been salvaging since last week. We went out in time to see 1/2 of it still there, then the other 1/2 demolished-guess by the end of the yr we will have new neighbors. Went to a mtg thurs w/the civil engineer for the city and the developer-looks like after some inconvenience later this summer, we will get a new back fence when it's all said and done. Yea.
It's weird looking behind us now-nothing to block the view to Davis Blvd now. And now for some current art projects:
Finally finishing up on the box i started at Artfest. Don't know what will go inside-girl is just there to show the inside-but the box construction is now done-finally. Will post the neptune girl box when i put the back on it. Ok-i lied-here she is w/out the back-can't see the girl too well due to the flash, but you get the idea.

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