Monday, November 07, 2016

Jefferson Tx

Had a getaway with a friend this weekend.  We left fri and headed to E Texas. 
stopped at The Pink Pistol.  Took our pictures on her throne.
Made our way up to Mineola -good amount of antique stores.  Grabbed a bit of lunch then went on to
Gladewater (antique capitol of texas-or so they say) :)  Due to the time, we knew we wouldn't get to see it all but we hit a few stores.   Arrived in Gilmer around 6.  Gave her the house tour, unpacked the car then had dinner-my mom had roast and the fixings for us. and pie.  can't go wrong with pie.  Visited with them.
Hung out upstairs a bit before turning in.
Sat-after breakfast we headed into Marshall to go to the the Weisman. 
Historic building-former dept store.  It looks like something you would see in a b & w movie. Opened in 1900 and you can just imagine the history. 
We then made our way up to Jefferson.  Antique and gift shops. Just walked around town and went in where we felt like looking.  Grabbed late lunch, hit one more store then headed to the cemetery.
Sunday we visited with my dad-mom was at church.  Said goodbye's when she got home. 
Stopped at Ellis Pottery, michaels and Jucy's for a burger before heading home.  A nice relaxing weekend~


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