Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween 2016

I just didn't have it in me this year to really do any decorating around the house. I have a few things out-some that stay up all year, but that's about it.  I do have my new bats out though.  We made these at our sept art meeting. They are about 6" tall and adorable.  It's tradition to make a "stuffie" every year now. (designed by Traci Hutton of  Art-T-Dolls  )(She has dolls and fluffy stuffies in her shop.)

Name on the top of the fortune teller box
I DID however design and make a costume for my niece Addison.  I picked her up from school one day and in our conversation, we talked about the kid at school who won the halloween costume contest last year at their trunk or treat.  She wanted to copy his idea.  I said you can't copy what he did, we have to come up with something else.  (he was a claw machine) the box gave me the idea to do a fortune teller box like the old machines. Think "Big" (the movie)  So i showed her some pictures online and we sketched out a plan on paper.  There was a trunk or treat last wkend at her neighbor's church so we gave it a test run.    The box is black w/the white diamonds.  The diamonds don't totally cover the box-wanted it to look old and worn.  I got a $2 purple sheet at the dollar store-used it for the inside-looks better than just painting it.  I attached battery-operated lights around the window. (hard to see in picture-they are orange)   Made a crystal ball out of a plastic christmas ball ornament.  Painted it with neon yellow, lime green and glitter.  Added a glow stick to the inside when it got dark so that it glows.  I made her some fortune cards to hand out too-they were a big hit. 

Addie standing in her box.
   I cut a hole where people could drop her candy into-there is a bag attached inside for it to fall into.  Made a little sign ".25 or candy"   Wanted it to look like the machines where you would put your money in to get your fortune-but don't want people to give money-hence "candy"~  She will be decked out in gypsy-paraphernalia next weekend.  My sister and i may dress as gypsy's too since we're walking with her.  The box has holes cut in sides so that she can pick it up and carry it from car to car.  I'll post more after the weekend.  It's been kind of a secret-she wants to win the costume contest :)

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