Saturday, February 21, 2015

Time Flies...

Christmas Table

Dad, Ty,Patrick, Travis, Gary's head

Again, i find myself realizing just how long since i last posted. (partly due to fact that dog chewed up my cord to upload photo's and I dislike doing it manually or via my phone.)  So I take pictures, then I just don't post.
 So, to catch up.  December went by fairly quickly.  hosted family at our house this yr since my parents moved away...It was nice to have them here and forced me to clean the house (sort of).
Dining Room with lights I strung
Suzanne, Mom, Dad, Addie
 A good friend's husband passed away suddenly in jan.  Had me depressed and thinking about what my life would be were that to happen to me.  Some major reflection.  Another family member is battling cancer-praying that it's not what they are thinking it is. (it was, she passed away Feb 13.)
 On a better note, i met up with a friend for some art time a few wks ago.  We made some tote bags that had been on the back burner for a few yrs.  She bought some cool fabric at the Country Living Fair in atlanta several yrs ago and said she wanted to make bags with it.  (oilcloth) so we finally got together since life
allowed us both at the same time.  I've been on a bag-making roll ever since.  I think i've done 5 so far with several others cut out or "in the works."   Pictures soon
One of many bags

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