Wednesday, July 10, 2013


SEWN started on July 4.  I got a late start but soon joined the party.  We're painting patterns. Lots of patterns on paper-whatever comes to mind.  It's very addicting and soothing.  It seems the past few summers I have not had much creativity. (could have something to do with the heat/drought we've had the past
3 yrs)  This class is a welcome distraction from the weather-and makes me feel like i'm being at least a little bit creative.  Today I made my pattern book. come join in-there's plenty of room!

more patterned papers

found this painted sheet today so added the circles

colored thread waiting for use
my pattern book



Jan said...

Love your colors too! I hadn't thought of adding marks to a painted paper to create a patterned paper. Thanks for the idea and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Michele said...

I love your patterns! They're so pretty. And the circles on the painted background are fun and dynamic.

Say It In Color said...

Great job!! and I love your sheets of patterns and bright thread....this class has sure been a fun one!!

Ruth said...

Love the design of the cover!

deb did it said...

I adore those circles !!
What fun...and I am just loving this workshop!

Nancy Lynn said...

Love your painted papers a lot. What did you use to add those perfect circles on that one piece?