Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I Gave Myself a Party

Organized a party is more like it since we met at a restaurant.  I turned 50 in May, decided to invite
some friends to join me for dinner.  Since my actual birthday weekend was already booked I planned to
celebrate in late June.  I said 'no presents' but they didn't listen.  I wasn't vying for gifts-just wanted
to hang out with my art friends.  We met at Siciliano's for yummy italian food.  I should have taken a picture of my food (from margo) and the rolls.  The rolls are to die for.  it's hard to eat just 3, or 4...or more.
So thanks to those who were able to join me in extending the year of celebrating 50!
Patti, Margo, Traci, April, Mary, Donna G and me sitting

Patti, Margo, Melody, April, Mary,Donna G and me (sitting)

earrings by patti

lampshade by april

from mel

from mel-after a rough two weeks i had mowing...

from donna
card from Traci
from mary

the inside~and i turned 50 :)


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