Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mom's Birthday: Painting Pottery

Got the idea to take my mom to paint pottery after she saw the one I did in May and wanted one. I figured she would enjoy making something of her own, so the surprise plan was hatched. I told her we were taking her somewhere for her birthday and I would pick her up saturday morning. (she told me when i picked her up she was so excited she could hardly sleep) ;)  My brother, sister and niece met us there.  We had living social coupons which made it even nicer.  So we all perused the shelves and decided on what we were going to make.
 I thought I took more pictures-i'll have to get my brother or sister to email me-don't have one of Addison's skull.   We spent several  hours working then all went to lunch.  Mom said it was the best birthday she had ever had.  That's a nice thought but I hope she has had more fun birthday's in her life :)  When we get our pieces back i'll post pictures.  Mom said this week is going to go by too slow.  She's anxious to see the finished pieces-she got 5 plates and had us all do one.  Mine is "iffy" at best. 
I chose 2 bowls and a cup (for paint brushes)

Keith and Addison decided to paint skulls

Suzanne and Keith hard at work

Addison working on her plate

Mom working on her plate

Suzanne, Addison and Keith

My 3 pieces ready for clear glaze and firing.

The plate Suzanne did

Keith's skull

Mom's plate and sue's bowl for travis

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