Friday, June 14, 2013


Haven't posted anything lately.  Seems ever since Gary went to Las Vegas i've had no time for art.  I've been trying to keep up w/all our mowing customers along w/everyday life instead.  (which is no fun)  Since I last posted, my nephew graduated High School (12th in his class!)  We went to a BBQ in his honor.  I turned 50!  yep. got the banner to prove it :)
  I did receive some wonderful mail art from Roben Marie Smith- the file folder envelope will hang on my wall-it's art in itself, but i also got some great postcards as well. (won from a drawing on her blog)

I'll post that picture in a bit.   Next weekend i'm having dinner w/friends for my belated celebration.  Might even post a few pictures from that~

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