Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Unexpected Trip

Got a call thursday (aug 18) did i want to accompany my dad to Missouri to help deal with my grandfather and help with the drive there.  I agreed to go and we left friday morning.  At this point in the summer, anything to get away from this unrelenting heat wave. ( Actually it would be good to spend time with gramp and my aunt Linda since she would be there too.)
  Grandpa had fallen-no injuries, but he didn't want us to know.  Thankfully he has neighbors that look out for
him and let us know things like this.  He's had some equilibrium issues along with short-term memory loss, so his kids decided they needed to check things out.  We spent the week dealing with dr calls, home healthcare-which has already been stopped. (i have a very stubborn, independent grandfather) and errands.  Still some things that need to be taken care of, but those can be done on the phone.  He was also told to stop driving-he's 94 and that will be a huge adjustment as he started driving around the age of 10-he grew up in the country in a different time.
   My morning view from the deck looked like this most days.  (2nd photo) can't get this to line up and tired of trying.  I remembered some old photos that were on the lower level that my aunt hadn't seen so i got those out-then found a bonus-Old photo's from my grandmother's side of the family that no one had ever seen before-They are written in croation so we'll have to translate, but what a find!
  It was hard to leave grandpa-lots of changes in his life right now-only time will tell how he will deal with them.
our resident spider had a web every morning
The woman in plaid is my great-grandmother

Gramp and Dad at college of the Ozarks after lunch

Me and Grandpa (S of the O) after lunch

Linda and Grandpa after lunch

Birthday celebration (few days early) for dad

Time to say Good-Bye

Croation on back of photo

Dad cooked one night

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Almost 90!

Randy, Marian and Gary

Randy, Marian, Gary & Randy

My mother in law turns 90 on friday.  We all met up for dinner tonight downtown at Razoo's-where she wanted to eat.  I hope i'm doing this well at 90.
 Made this little card for her-90 deserves something one of a kind!
Happy Birthday Marian!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Art

 Sunday was my art meeting-missed the last 4 so it was nice to attend.  Our theme was "crowns" so i made this little wall hanging.  I was happy with the way they turned out. 
close up of the crown

 Remember the carpet tack strips I was working with?  Well here is what i have done with them so far: painted them with watered down acrylic.
Nailed them down to a board-using mostly nails i pulled out of my concrete along w/the strips.  I have a piece of rusted metal that i got
off some ranch land south of here (thanks Greg!)  and Gary and I cut out the heart shape w/the cut-off wheel.   It will now be attached to the colored strips when i figure which direction I want it to sit.  I'll add a quote to it, a hanger and it will be done-total recycled exept for the board it's nailed to!