Friday, December 23, 2011

This and That

Thought it was about time to get on here and update my blog.  Last two weeks have been a bit busy with family obligations-My nephew had his first band concert this month-he's playing the saxophone.  I was impressed on how good they sounded for just 3 months into band~ way to go Patrick!
   The first image shown here is a fabric piece i did for a friend for Christmas.  The image is a bit shiny due to the transfer paper, but you get the idea.  I originally tried using some muted pinks but they just weren't working, so i grabbed a red i had nearby-and then the piece just flowed.  When i had it all put together and finished I realized "no wonder the pinks weren't working-black/white/red (off white) are her colors"
I wasn't even thinking of that when i was working on it-but my subconcious sure was! 

 This plate of goodies was a gift to me and my family. Needless to say they taste as good as they look.   The presentation was wonderful too as i now have a felted star ornament to boot!

This piece was done for another friend for Christmas.  I knew what colors i wanted to use for her-creams/black/browns-her colors.  The fabrics came together pretty quickly-it was the image i had a harder time deciding on.  Normally i would pick fabrics based on the image, but not this time.  I found this image last week at an antique mall and knew she would work. I decided to add the "pop" of  red inside the tin-because it is something that she would not do.  :)  The other pictures are just some details of the finished piece.

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Art Studio 522 said...

Both fabric pieces look fabulous! Great job!! Cookies look good too!! Merry Christmas

Donna G.