Friday, December 30, 2011

(Almost) Happy New Year

 Been busy this week creating in between visiting with my aunt and uncle who are visiting this week
from St Louis (how do you like our 70 degree december days?) They head home tomorrow-just in time
since we'll be getting a cold snap on sunday-but colder in st louis!    I made a fabric "card" for a friends birthday that you can see here.  (i deleted my pictures w/out realizing they hadn't been uploaded) 
  I made this little crown for another friend. The rhinestones on the tips are vintage-they have little channels
running under them to sew them on.  I can't imagine what it would have been like to have to sew a bunch of
those on a dress!

 These two wall hangings were gifts to me-the framed piece was made for me by Traci and i love it-it now hangs in my bathroom where i can see it every day.  The kelly rae piece was from Margo-it too hangs in my bathroom-the colors went so well in there it had to stay!

  I worked on this wall hanging this week for the newest member of our family: Emma Klaire.  She makes me a great-great cousin!  am i even old enough to be that?  She arrived in sept and I finally decided what i wanted to create for her.   I added the glittered mini clothespin so Krystal can change out what photo she puts on display.  Made a soldered piece which i hammered her name into-hope she likes it!

crown made for me from another friend~love it!

 Look for the latest edition of The Pulse on sunday 
where you can see the answer to a question i was asked. :)

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