Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This little guy was our project at the October art mtg. Traci of Art-T-Dolls generously shared this pattern with us so we could each have our own batty character. (you can find them for sale on her site-among other creatures) they were great fun and each ended up with it's own little personality.
These are the spiders i made for my art meeting on sunday~they don't photograph very well though. They started out as styrofoam balls, then morphed into these. If it's october, that means i've broken out the halloween socks. This is my newest pair.

These are 2 swaps i received at the meeting-now adorning my house. Love them. One on left is from Traci and the right is from Donna

And finally, a peek at the last piece of art i finished. Will post more pictures soon. I'm working on several pieces that will be headed to missouri for sale in a cool antique store...

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