Thursday, October 14, 2010

Catching Up~

First, if you go here you can enter for a chance to win these wonderful earrings! Wish i could say I had made them, but that's not the case. love the resin paper!
My aunt Norma and her friend Jan were here last wk. I took some time from working to spend
time with them and my mom on their shopping treks. With Norma, that's the only way to say it-she hits every store known to man. (of course, i tend to do the same when i travel too)
We spent fri hitting estate and garage sales. I got a pr of gloves and an old book on ettiquette. They will both be finding their way into my art pretty soon. I also got stung by a wasp again on mon-same hand, lower spot on my wrist and 2 days of swollen monster hand.
Sun we all met up at Joe T Garcia's for brunch. Gary and i had tea and visited as they chose to eat outside. NOT a fan of outside dining when flies/birds and birdshit become part of the experience and all of the above did. I met up w/them later and went to the stockyards. Saw a fabulous skirt and shirt that would have been really cute, but for over $300.00 they both stayed in the store. Spent tues with them in Grapevine before taking them to the airport that afternoon. This is their 3rd visit together and it was nice that i had no bodily injury this time that kept me at home~

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