Sunday, May 24, 2009

When Life Makes You Mad...

say" the hell with it" and go to Vegas!
so, til next week...and what a photo gallery there will be when i return :) Found this cool
boutique hotel-The Artisan something different this time~looks great from the website, let's hope it
is just as cool in person~

Friday, May 22, 2009

Finished Art

Here are two pieces i've worked on for my class with KC Willis. The first one is the one i showed earlier in progress. The second one is just that, the second one i've done-i have others in progress, but won't show them until done.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Between

Normally i just post "stuff" on here. I haven't spilled secrets (not mine anyway) or really showed what a smart ass sense of humor i have. It's just kind of "there." (the blog posts)
Today i find myself "in between." Mon i went to work as usual. I have a job. not a career, just a job. One i took to help my mom out-those few wks turned into almost 3 yrs. She ran the kitchen/household at the Catholic Seminary for 23 1/2 yrs. I have helped there in the past when she needed it. donna to the rescue. :) Last May there were big changes. Our head priest was named Bishop and sent to Shreveport. Throughout the yrs, the priests were kind, the office help friendly-until the woman that had been up front retired. Enter some new women. Backstabbing (in the name of Jesus i guess) :) The last yr really sucked. Tension, rudeness beyond belief-from a priest no less- Us girls in the kitchen liked each other-and the girl in the household position, but were sick of the BS going on up front. Keep in mind this is a small operation. The student population was down to 30-with 3 priests in residence. They were given 21 meals a wk and our personalities~ We were scheduled to have a mtg on mon the 18th. We thought that *maybe* the guy in charge was finally going to meet with us-like he wanted to do a yr ago and chat. There were some renovations being made this summer-maybe discuss that. Little did we know that they would herd us-and our boss (mom) into one room to tell us-you're outta here. Sorry, we need to cut back, we've hired a service to take over and here's your paperwork, sign it, collect a check and get out. Oh, but i forgot, they "prayed on it for months"
No, they hired a big HR guy for the diocese and we were the expendible ones. Not even a thank you for all your years. The others had worked there for 22 yrs, 16 yrs, 14 yrs and 8 yrs respectively. Not even the decency to tell the boss first then us-and hovered as she cleaned out her office-of 23 yrs. He wanted us to hurry-didn't say it but felt it. I'm so done with the Catholic church-
So today, i am in between. Many say, what will you do now? don't know. geez, give me time for my pity party. It's like a death-the shock, the anger, the sick stomach. It wasn't a place i intended to stay at forever-it was a stopping place, but you don't expect to be treated like second class citizens. (whatever that really means) My mom and us 3 girls went to lunch mon-on our own dime of course-and my mom says let's start a business, what can we do? I said "strip." We got a good laugh. That is what i'll miss-laughing with the other 2 "girls" every day. and the 7 wks of pd vacation i'll now miss out on~ :)
maybe i'll move to santa fe and become a starving artist. yea right.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Giant Dog Bone

Ok, i try to mostly post art on here, but the puppies get mention too. There was a banquet at work last wkend and i got a remant of that for the dogs. They love me.
This is a piece I am working on for my KC Willis online class. Will post a picture when it's finished-should be this wkend.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Life this past week

Gary went to vegas mon night and took my camera, so no pictures this wk. I've been taking an online class w/KC Willis (of lipstick ranch) and really enjoying it-the desire to create that it has
inspired! All i have done is prepare some fabric, but once i've actually done something with it i'll post it. I did spend last sat. junking and arting with a friend. Took her by a cemetery i like to photograph where we were able to get a few photo's in before the rain. That's about it for now~

Friday, May 01, 2009

Disintegration Revealed

original reveal day
Today is the day we all reveal our paper bundles that were left out for nature to disintegrate.

A nasty windy thunderstorm took mine down one night and i had to find what i could of it and staple it together, then reattach to the tree. We've had quite a bit more rain since then, but it stayed put. it has seen hail, rain, thunder and lightening. Sunny days and cloudy days. I photographed it today, took it down and brought it inside. I put it on the kitchen counter and left to run a few errands. When i returned i found ants all over the counter and the paper bundle-yuk! immediately had to douse it in water-alot of water to get rid of them. It took about 20 min and i think i got them all. Once the paper dries, i know what i want to do with it since we are now to make an art piece with them.
fast forward a few hrs: still finding ants! they are hiding in the recesses of the papers...