Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Between

Normally i just post "stuff" on here. I haven't spilled secrets (not mine anyway) or really showed what a smart ass sense of humor i have. It's just kind of "there." (the blog posts)
Today i find myself "in between." Mon i went to work as usual. I have a job. not a career, just a job. One i took to help my mom out-those few wks turned into almost 3 yrs. She ran the kitchen/household at the Catholic Seminary for 23 1/2 yrs. I have helped there in the past when she needed it. donna to the rescue. :) Last May there were big changes. Our head priest was named Bishop and sent to Shreveport. Throughout the yrs, the priests were kind, the office help friendly-until the woman that had been up front retired. Enter some new women. Backstabbing (in the name of Jesus i guess) :) The last yr really sucked. Tension, rudeness beyond belief-from a priest no less- Us girls in the kitchen liked each other-and the girl in the household position, but were sick of the BS going on up front. Keep in mind this is a small operation. The student population was down to 30-with 3 priests in residence. They were given 21 meals a wk and our personalities~ We were scheduled to have a mtg on mon the 18th. We thought that *maybe* the guy in charge was finally going to meet with us-like he wanted to do a yr ago and chat. There were some renovations being made this summer-maybe discuss that. Little did we know that they would herd us-and our boss (mom) into one room to tell us-you're outta here. Sorry, we need to cut back, we've hired a service to take over and here's your paperwork, sign it, collect a check and get out. Oh, but i forgot, they "prayed on it for months"
No, they hired a big HR guy for the diocese and we were the expendible ones. Not even a thank you for all your years. The others had worked there for 22 yrs, 16 yrs, 14 yrs and 8 yrs respectively. Not even the decency to tell the boss first then us-and hovered as she cleaned out her office-of 23 yrs. He wanted us to hurry-didn't say it but felt it. I'm so done with the Catholic church-
So today, i am in between. Many say, what will you do now? don't know. geez, give me time for my pity party. It's like a death-the shock, the anger, the sick stomach. It wasn't a place i intended to stay at forever-it was a stopping place, but you don't expect to be treated like second class citizens. (whatever that really means) My mom and us 3 girls went to lunch mon-on our own dime of course-and my mom says let's start a business, what can we do? I said "strip." We got a good laugh. That is what i'll miss-laughing with the other 2 "girls" every day. and the 7 wks of pd vacation i'll now miss out on~ :)
maybe i'll move to santa fe and become a starving artist. yea right.


Seth said...

Wow. What a story. The economics seem to be effecting everybody and so many people are losing their jobs. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do it! At least I can see by this post that you still have your "smart ass" sense of humor!

Apryllx said...

Just checking for any new blog posts and see this - How Awful! Not surprising that a church would treat anyone so poorly, that's a given, especially with a "Christ" based church. But that you are out of a job, with no notice. Unforgiveable.

Well, shine up your pole and brush up your technique. Just to show you what a good friend I am, I'd stuff a dollar in your G-string!