Wednesday, August 27, 2008

20 Years

This past wkend we went to Houston and Huntsville just to hang out. We went to our favorite chinese restaurant-twice. Went to alot of antique stores, ate, swam, napped and just hung out with no dogs or "kid." Tues we celebrated our 20th anniversary. I think we (along with friends and family) are still shocked we made it. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and others it seems like a lifetime ago. We've been through some things that tested us-but here we are, and here's to the next 20!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Cowgirl

Finished the box last night. I think she might need a moon hanging on the left side, but other than that, here is the finished product!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Burned Box continued

Here is where i am at on the box now. I screwed in a piece of rusted metal on the back instead of doing a wooded back. This was some kind of flattened can-about the shape of a hershey's choc container-but flat. I cut it apart and opened it-tore the bottom part off and added to the box.
I then cut barbed wire to fit and attached to the front. On top, i added some rusted old bedsprings. More tomorrow if i get the next part done.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cut, Sand, Paint, Burn and Nail

Yes in that order-my next project inspired by my rust-gathering in Evant! The idea came to me on the drive home of a box i wanted to do-one that had a burned, old barn wood look.
I cut the wood, then painted w/latex paint. After that sat for a day, i got out my torch and spent about an hour (in 2 sessions) burning the wood/paint before nailing it together and torching it some more. I'm going to add some fluid acrylic color to it before sealing it. There will be a cowgirl image inside, along w/some rusted metal piece in the back-maybe as the back and barbed wire to finish it off~ will post more as i progress.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

Thurs i drove to Evant TX to visit my friend Greg. He manages a 1300 acre ranch and i finally had a chance to go down there. This is the main gate.
I continued onto the property only to arrive at the guest house. Needless to say, i had to wonder what i had gotten myself in to.

We got my stuff settled in-then we went on a tour of the ranch. Saw jackrabbits, cottontails, blackbuck (antelope)deer, prize deer, wild turkeys, livestock-including one bull who did NOT want to share the road with us. Walked around a dry creekbed, scavenged near old homesteads for rusty metal objects and broken (or whole) bottles, pottery etc... There is even a hideout on the property dating back to the 1800's-two brothers-the bailey boys-hid out there for 6 yrs before getting careless, being found and later hanged.
Got to have an ionic foot bath in town-and eat at local eateries, including the town diner. Where all the ranchers come for breakfast and gossip. Had a great time-interesting to see all there was there-all the "secrets" that land can hold. No telling how many have lived there throughout the years. Headed home on fri afternoon-looking forward to a visit when the weather is cooler~and THIS is the real guesthouse.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


finally~here are the boxes margo and i started:
mine is the one painted pink and black. It will probably be for addison. I also made her curtain panel today, strung her pink initials to hang and started the art room purge...


I've been on vacation this week, staying up late to watch movies. Sleeping in~here it is past noon and i'm still in my jammies. Decided to update blogs i like to visit-i had a ton of ones i had saved and not added. I still have more, but for now, it's enough. Time to do something productive. Like get dressed and play in the art room. No house work for today~at least not yet. Margo came over yesterday and i showed her
how to make a wooden box to embellish/decorate. All we did was the construction. I did get started on mine last night-pictures soon~

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Projects

Here are the projects we did at the retreat~i have to re-do the puppet since nala chewed it up after i finished it. WHY do i want dogs?...