Monday, August 11, 2008

Cut, Sand, Paint, Burn and Nail

Yes in that order-my next project inspired by my rust-gathering in Evant! The idea came to me on the drive home of a box i wanted to do-one that had a burned, old barn wood look.
I cut the wood, then painted w/latex paint. After that sat for a day, i got out my torch and spent about an hour (in 2 sessions) burning the wood/paint before nailing it together and torching it some more. I'm going to add some fluid acrylic color to it before sealing it. There will be a cowgirl image inside, along w/some rusted metal piece in the back-maybe as the back and barbed wire to finish it off~ will post more as i progress.

1 comment:

seth said...

Love the look of this box. It really looks like an old, found object! Thanks, also, for the comment on my blog!