Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hard Two Weeks

On father's day eve we got a call that my gram was gravely ill and not expected to make it. In march, she fell down the stairs of her deck-didn't break a bone! but was bruised and went to the hosp and a nursing home for rehab. She went home and was better-as well as one can be at that age. She later fell in her kitchen and broke her hip. She had surgery for that and developed pneumonia. Not a good combination at age 89 along w/her Parkinson's.
We all rushed up there on mon-praying to make it-and we did. I wasn't prepared for how she looked-hard to see such a spunky person that frail. She was moved to a nursing home on tues for hospice. We had some good days with her. She recognized us and talked to us best she could. By the following sun, she wasn't so well. That was the last day she really spoke at all. She can't swallow now-her vitals are up and down-I spent two wks there before heading home (another story) and hope to go back for the long wkend. as she is still hanging in there. In the meantime, we've gotten to know the staff-they are angels. Some of the residents there are real characters! I just pray that she's not in any pain at this point-and that she can at least hear us.


Traci said...

Just wanted you to know my thoughts and prayers are with your grandma, you and your family. hugs

Anonymous said...

Donna love, take care. Love you - A