Monday, July 28, 2008

Art Retreat Wkend

My art group had a retreat this wkend. It was hosted in the home of Patti-one of our members-We arrived at various time on sat-Our first project was a byzantine bracelet made of copper-I actually finished mine and must say it's wonderful-thanks to Dale for teaching it. We then had lunch and afterwards, Babette did a great demo on PMC. If it weren't for the expense, i think that could be really addictive to play with-endless possibilities! I did a demo/class on paint mixing-which i wasn't greatly ready for. After the past month, i'm a bit out of the groove and forgot a few things.
Traci showed us how to make a pin cushion ring-a quick easy project that will come in handy. Sally taught us the "long tall sally" book that she originated. We got to a stopping point and went to Pei Wei for dinner. You know my take on chinese food, but i found something i could tolerate~ :) We came back to finish our books-with or without the envelopes. Margo made it around 11pm... We stayed up late and talked and laughed~ and slept soundly after a day of friends and art.
Sun morning found us around the dining table eating and laughing. Won't even go into what that conversation was like-just suffice it to say it was "girl talk!" Our first project of the day was some metal embossing that Donna G taught us. We made metal houses-a fun,relaxing technique. Traci S showed us how to do a "poppet puppet." These were really fun and have alot of possibilities. I made an Addison puppet. We took time out for a brief meeting-we installed our new queen-Carol and you can see how serious the job is! April showed us a wonderful butterfly/paint project where we made some really ethereal looking butterflies (ones she found at goodwill) The day wound down-i showed a few how to use their jewely saw to cut out wood-that was the end of the play~
We helped clean up a bit before some of us had to leave. When i left, several were relaxing in the pool in the 105 temps. I needed to get home for a family obligation, but next time-i'll be in the pool too!
food for wkend-$25
supplies for wkend-$37
playing w/art friends-priceless!

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HappyDayArt! said...

Hey Donna!

I know some of those people! It is great to see you all getting together for an overnight art party. I think that is going to have to be the way of the future. We NEED it, don't you think? It will keep us sane in this crazy world.

Thanks for linking to me! What a fun blog you have.

Catherine Witherell