Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fabric Book is Finished

Here are the pictures of my completed fabric book.  I may still go back and add a few more embellishments but for now, I am happy with it.  The pictures are in order as they appear in the book.  After the back inside cover i have added a few close ups of some of the pages.

close up of the cover

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fabric Book (in progress)

 I recently took a fabric book online class from Suzy Quaife. (SuziQu's Threadworks)
I have long admired her work and since I love fabric and book making, wanted to see her process.
So now I am putting together my version of a book in her style. I decided to start I would make a smaler book than what she did in her videos.  Suzi is from Australia so the measurments/paper size is different but you can easily figure it out via google :)

I still have some things I want to add after I do the initial fabric work and will post those when it's done.
Meanwhile,  here are a few pages that are in progress

Birthday card I made for my mother in law's 95th birthday.