Saturday, June 25, 2016

Catch Up Time

Once again I have gone much too long w/out posting.  I have made some progress on my art room
but I'm not where I want it to be yet. (meaning no pictures yet)
 Hot water heater died which is forcing us to clean out the garage-something we said we needed to do a year ago.  At least it is finally getting done.  I'm going to work on some projects that I put out there and just
"forgot" about.  My mom saved our baby bed-so when they moved I kept it with the intention of making something for each of us to hang. (rail sides and each end piece) I get one of each since I am the one doing the work :)  Got them cleaned up today so I can actually work on them.                    
  I also re-discovered some of my dead animal bones and my bundle. (disintegration)
So here are pictures I took. This one stayed outside well over a year-maybe closer to two.
here is the bundle before unraveling it.
pulled the twill out of the washer-chicken wire is already falling apart

unwound once
close up of washer sewn onto the fabric
very fragile

another washer and it's rust stain

cardboard is stuck to the fabric

texture-chicken wire, muslin, scrim, cardboard
totally unraveled