Sunday, September 25, 2016

Current Art

school days vintage photo transfer on cradled wood panel
In the last year I had checked out a book by Sarah Ahearn Bellemare from my library at least twice. I ended up buying a copy for myself.  Meanwhile...a friend had a copy of Somerset Workshop that had an article on Sarah's technique. (she did some art with her own spin on it) which then inspired me to do some too.  I still want to try one that has more the look Sarah gets but in the meantime, i'm having fun.
I used a vintage photo of my mom as a little girl. My grandfather loved to fish-pretty sure he took her to land this one.  Blew up my photo and made a transfer.  The background was inspired by something i saw on pinterest by Joan Fullerton who does beautiful work. I went for the drippy look more than texture since I was adding my transfer and not transferring onto my substrate.
This one is done on plywood.

The girl with pink is done on a little canvas board.  She still needed something-a friend suggested she needed to be layered on another piece-so that is what she will get. (this photo is taken on the backside of the FISH (the plywood was an unfisnished project-but the side i never finished looked good with the canvas so i'll make something along those lines color wise.

 Did this piece on a wooden house I got at michael's this summer.
It's about 6" tall.  Transfer image is one i found on pinterest~went with a halloween theme.  (below is picture of the sides/top of the house) painted stripes then gave it a charcoal wash to age it.  Still may do more to the sides (vintage text circles)  or not. 
 So that is what i've been up to when i can fit time in for art~

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