Sunday, July 17, 2016

Magnolia (Silos)


Gary and I decided to take a road trip to Waco on friday.  I had wanted to see Magnolia, but was holding out for the bakery to open first. (gotta have priorities)  Once we parked -(the baptist church across st has $10 parking) Magnolia has a free lot.  There is street parking and other parking if you look for it.   I noticed there was a line out the door of the bakery-and down the sidewalk.  We went to Magnolia first.  If you watch Fixer Upper then you'll recognize Joanna's style the minute you walk in the door.  The staging is really wonderful and there are many employees around should you need any help.  When you walk through the store there are a set of steps on the far side-these go in to a "lower level" but it's not air-conditioned.  Big door is open and fans are going but it's still warm with crowds and summer heat.

section of garden-each of the 4 corners had a fairy garden

  The grounds are wonderful-the large play area with balls,   black and white bean bag looking things to sit on.  Wooden swings, wooden bench swings, covered areas to sit.   Food trucks on site.  The garden store with the gardens outside (including little fairy gardens)  It's wonderful to see her vision come to light.
(again-if you watch the show, you saw this from the beginning)
I didn't take pictures of everything-you can see it on their website.
Besided, Maverick (see picture in sidebar) ate my phone thurs night-so I didn't take as many photo's as i might have.


Nuts and Bolts

 The bakery was wonderful.  The decor is black and white, antiques/vintage store look-with a modern update.  The cupcakes were fabulous (nuts and bolts for me)  We didn't try any of the other items but it all looked great.  Worth the trip-hope to go again in the fall when it's cooler. 

Drove by Clint Harp's store and home.
  We had lunch at Portofino (downtown)  We knew the owner when he and brother had restaurant in ft worth. His nephew played soccer with nathan in high school.  
  After that, we headed to another part of town and hit some antique stores.
It was a "good day to have a good day."


Carol said...

First off, I just wanted to thank you for visiting my "Happy Space" and leaving a sweet comment. It truly is a happy room that always makes me smile!

How fun that you live close enough to Waco to go for a day. Going to Magnolia is definitely on my Bucket List!
Happy Weekend!

Denise said...

Hello -Thank You for dropping by and leaving a nice comment.I've never heard of Magnolia.I'm going to google it. Hope I can find out all about it,sounds lovely.Denise

Marrianna said...

Everything looks so delightful. I, too, have my priorities AND I would be at the bakery right quick. Great that you were able to visit Magnolia and get some fantastic baked goods. Thanks for visiting my blog on the WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE tour. I just found your comment and this was the best way for me to thank you for your visit.
Take care,