Saturday, March 15, 2014

What I've Been up To.

After my grandfather died, my parents drove to East Tx, then up to Missouri-Just in time for a massive snow storm.  My grandfather's remains were flown to Mo.the sat after his death.The funeral ended up being postponed for 2 weeks due to weather. He was finally laid to rest at the Missouri Veteran's Cemetery on Feb 13th.  Thankfully the weather cooperated while we were there.  It was nice to see family-even briefly.
His house sold in december so my parents and aunt had been up there all this time packing up, donating and throwing stuff out.  They came home briefly, then gary and i drove back up with them on the 24th of feb.

 Gary and Dad took a u-haul trailer up to St Louis to move some things to my aunt's.  Mom and I stayed at the house and went through more stuff, supervised the "junk" guy and his helpers.  They got a few truckloads of things. Since we were at the house all day with no vehicle, we went for a late dinner in branson when the guys returned. IHOP never looked so good. :)  Not really able to cook much since we were packing up the house and trying to keep groceries to a minimum.    Wed was Gary's birthday.  he and i took the trailer back, ran few errands in town then back to the house.  We all went to lunch-KC bakery and bistro.  good sandwiches.  (this is also where donuts came from that we partook of a few times) :)   More stuff around the house.  So many things that were stored probably since the move from st louis-every check they ever wrote (other than ones we have shredded in the past.)  a neat view into their lives- Dinner at Danna's  BBQ that night.  Thurs guys got the u-haul truck we planned to drive home.  We hired some of the helpers from tues to come help load the heavy stuff-once i got all the boxes in-we had that thing basically loaded in 2 hrs-thankful for the help~  Mex food at Tequila's tonight.   We stayed at the Kimberling City Marina & Resort thurs.  Gary and I went for a walk after dark-came across 8-9 deer at the park-they just stood and watched us go by-on our return, they ran up the hill into the dark.  Pretty cool to see that many at once.
Fri we went back to the house for one final check before dad went to sign the closing papers on the house.

Gary and I took off in the truck-one final farewell.   lunch in springfield (Village Inn of course) then hit the road home.  took a very "off the beaten path" trek after I forgot what road we were on- so used to taking the "mountain" road home and hitting 40 that I forgot we were on the turnpike and needed to exit.  so we got to Tulsa and found an alternate route.    The wkend was spent emptying the truck (mostly alone on sat)
gary's help sun-in the icy cold crummy weather.   :)   I'll miss that view and house-My grandparents loved their time there-as did all who visited.   

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