Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! and WIP

Happy Thanksgiving to friends and family!
  Inspired by the current Cloth Paper Scissors mag I decided to try my hand at some wire art.
I decided to try this dress using rebar wire and not what the article suggested.   Let's just say I would
suggest you use same gauge wire she used.  Less cussing. 
Here is where I am at now~

dress shape is one I "winged" as I went (fabric already pinned so no before photo) 
dress with fabric skirt attached

soda bottle for size reference

side view of the "sleeves" 
  My plan is to add a layer of something to the front of the skirt-hanging off the wire "waist" and I will
add something to the bodice area too, but haven't decided what that will be-More pictures when I finish it.  I may even start another one w/20 gauge wire this time. 

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