Friday, September 27, 2013

M I A...again

Let's see, since i last posted i took a "day" trip to Houston. mini anniversary celebration.  Had lunch at Auntie Changs then went to Texas Art and Jerry's Artarama.  Yes, i picked up a few supplies.  Dinner at Pappadeaux then decided to head on home- crazy yes, but that's how we roll.

 new open acrylics to play with, canvases, pens, ink, and stencil

I worked on  a wedding gift for my cousin and her new hubby.
After seeing items on their registry i painted carpet tack strips in these colors to go with their decor.  I cut the metal pieces from rusted  "stuff"    each heart representing the two of them.  Cut out words from vintage books "two hearts one home"    I think i'll make an additional one (heart) when baby makes three.

  The art group i belong to will celebrate our 20th year as a group in Oct!  Since i am the current "queen" i proposed an anniversary book project.  Each person participating would create a page for the book-in duplicate depending on how many participated.  Of course since it was my idea and i gave plenty of notice i figured my pages would have been done months ago- before the sept deadline.  Not.  So I worked on my pages on parent sheets of watercolor paper, then cut them to size then added the focal points.  Each page is different somewhat.    I then had to come up with the front and back covers-again I had plenty of time, but waited until the last minute to work on those.  Everything is done, the pages all collated and ready to be bound next wk-with the help of several friends.   They will be presented in Oct at our anniversary get-together-lunch.   Everyone who participated will have a fun book to remember this occasion by.    I am planning to photograph each page and put them on  flickr so that those that didn't participate can see (what they missed out on) :)
I will post pictures of the process in another post.

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