Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Art Day

here is the table before we got started
On friday-(May 10th) i went to my friend Traci's house to paint and embellish some fabric.  She had seen some fabric painting I did from an online class and wanted to take it a few steps farther for a different project.  So we got out paint, stencils, stamps, and "objects" to use as stamps.  We wanted to paint on
printed fabric to see what look we would get-by using that as our background.
The first piece of fabric we used was heavily printed w/text and graphics.  We each painted "our" side of the fabric and then embellished.  Once it was dry, Traci cut it in 1/2 for us to each use in our own projects.
 The second piece of fabric we painted was a black polka dot on white.  Traci opted to tone her side down with a thin layer of gesso before she started her painting.  I decided to just go for it-hoping once painted it wouldn't hurt your eyes as bad.
We had a lot of fun painting and chatting-a successful "art day" for the two of us-reminded us of the days when a small group of us would get together and have "art days" to try out a new project/product or just work on something individually.  and eat chocolate.  and talk.  girl talk.

printed fabric after we painted and added papers/fibers

another view.  traci did the right side, i did the left

polka dot fabric after painting-again traci-right me, left

close-up of a portion of Traci's side

close-up of my side

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