Friday, January 18, 2013

The Middle of the Month

 Here it is the middle of January and i've posted no art yet.
 I have a few projects i've dabbled with~almost finished something I started over a year ago, finished up some things from december and played in my journal (backgrounds mostly)  I've been reading a lot.  11 books in december and I think i'm on my 4th for this month.  The days are short and chilly and some things going on in life that have sapped the inspiration.  It stinks when there is nothing you can do.  I won't go into it now-some already know what i refer to-the rest, well, i'll tell the story later this year but not now.      

Journal snippets-I think i've been influenced by Robin Marie Smith lately.  I took her online "Clutch Play" class (see more bags below) and i love her colorful, playful style.

 I seem to have a thing for circles lately too :)
another finished clutch/book combo

My 7th one!

close up

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