Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yet Another Trip and more Crowns

Last saturday i drove back to Missouri with my dad.  He had some banking business to take care of (along with my ears) :)  and we went through some drawers, closet, piles of "stuff." So much history of the lives of my grandparents in the things that they kept.  Every canceled check written since they moved into the house in Kimberling City.  in chronological order.  It was just the tip of the iceberg.
  We returned on Tues-brought rain with us-as it rained tues night-much needed soaking rain.
Here are a few more crowns I did before I left-samples for my art meeting this sunday.

black Kato clay/translucent edge

black Kato clay/black band w/translucent/gold leaf behind cut-outs

 The two black crowns.  I really liked the Kato clay for this project-it held it's shape very well.  The translucent clay tended to bubble.  I like the idea of adding a tea light inside to illuminate the image. 

Translucent clay with image transferred before baking

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