Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playing Tourist

This past weekend i got a chance to play tourist in my own backyard. We had family in from St Louis-my aunt, her daughter Tina, tina's kids Madison and Hayden and another cousin Krystal and her daughter-to-be. (in sept) We all hung out at my parents' house fri night-nice to visit and catch up-this time for happy times. The last time we were all together was for a funeral in Dec.

(engine) (conductor) (our car)


Hayden, Tina, Madison
All Aboard!

Patrick, Addison
Hayden & Tina (like mother like son)
Linda, Mom Krystal (and emma to be)

Addison & Madison

Sat we all met up in Grapevine to ride the Tarantula train (vintage train) It takes you to the Stockyards and several hours takes you back to Grapevine. Hayden (6) and Madison (almost 9) had never been to Texas. They wanted to see horses, cowboys and longhorn cattle. When we were nearing the Stockyards Madison got all excited when she saw cactus! It was funny to hear her yell "MOM-CACTUS! look there's cactus!"
We got to experience the authenticity of an old mode of transportation (sans air conditioner in texas heat) We did have ceiling fans and open windows to catch the breeze. As we were leaving grapevine an airplane was coming in to land at D/FW airport. I commented that it was probably not a view the people in the 1800's would have seen. (neither was this)

We got to experience an ambush/ gunfight/ train robbery while on board.

Madison and Addison dove under their seats when they heard the gunfire. They did get up when we were boarded by the "robbers" and were deputized by the sheriff dude that came on after them. (After that the girls and Hayden used their water bottles as guns and said if they came back they would just shoot them-bravery. after the fact. :) )
We were hungry when we got to the stockyards-even though they had drinks and snacks for purchase on the train. Popcorn and nacho's were had by some (2 orders of nachos for Patrick) We had burgers at Risky's and looked around in the shops-saw a "cattle drive" and hung out until time to board the train for the ride back. (cowboys)

Some of us channeled our "inner cowboy" by sitting on a saddle. yee haw!

We got to cheer on a bicyclist and did the universal motion for honking-didn't we all do this on road trips as children? It was funny to see people sitting in their cars laughing, looking puzzled or just plain ignoring the train. We did manage to elicit some honks though.
When we got back to Grapevine it was off to Grapevine Mills (outlet mall) so the kids could experience Rainforest Cafe. We weren't hungry after the late lunch so it was drinks and dessert for us. Linda ordered the Volcano cake for us to share-there were other items too, but that was the "centerpiece" of our goodies. We even left some-it was that big. Looked around the mall for a short while-then headed back to mom's. Suzanne, Tina and the kids closed the mall and headed to her house.
Sunday found those w/no or grown kids meeting up to head to IKEA.

Krystal and Sandra had never been. Spent several hours browsing and enjoyed the restaurant there. A "few" things were purchased by linda and krystal. Mom managed to find a few things and i got one-a new toilet scrub brush for the bathroom since maverick chewed up the last one.
We all met up for dinner-the husbands included-at Mi Pueblo for one last meal together. Topped it off with Yogurtville frozen yogurt before all headed back to respective homes. The Missouri bunch headed back to St Louis bright and early mon morning-It was a short visit but lots of fun packed into a short time. Y'all come back now-ya hear!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

We all met up at Joe T Garcia's in fort worth for brunch/lunch.

Keith, Mom & Dad

Travis & Patrick
Mom, Me, Suzanne, DAD, Keith

Randy, Gary, Nathan
Had a nice meal & good company-when they weren't off taking pictures
sue, ty, addison aren't in my pictures...will have to "steal" some from suzanne...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


What do you get when you combine these?

These! (found recipe here)
White Chocolate Caramel Cashew Oatmeal Bars

I changed it up a bit-used walnuts instead of cashews-but they are quite tasty-rich so you
don't need a big one!

Friday, June 03, 2011


Last summer i bought a groupon for gary and i to zipline. We finally used it this May~ and it was a blast. I would do it again in a second.
We saw this sign on the way to the staging area-I told gary it was to keep the sheet shooters from using zipliners as target practice :)

Then comes the "class" where you learn how to sit and all important: how to stop.
Now i'm ready for the real thing-it was scary the first time i let go~then it was FUN!

this is where the longest run comes to an end. This was a 1500' run-we got to do that one twice~Here i am finishing up my last run. Gary really was there! He had his phone with him, so he was the one taking all the pictures. Next time i'll get shots of him~