Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home Again

I left town again on Nov 1st, thinking i would be gone about 6 days.  It turned into 16-however my grandfather
now has 24/7 care until they find an assisted living facility for him to stay in.  It will be one heck of a battle
to get him there, but that is what he needs at this point in his life.  He is 94 and did pretty well to be in
his home as long as he has-sadly with the short term memory loss, it's hard to get him to understand what he
needs to do.  I'm glad to finally be home-it was beautiful up there-autumn colors were in full glory until the rain
and wind blew all the leaves off the trees.  I forgot my camera so all i had was the phone to take pictures-will
try to get them on here later. 

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