Saturday, May 14, 2011


Will i ever create again? I'm beginning to wonder. It's been over 5 months now. I get ideas,
sparks but enter my art room and nothing. No desire. Maybe this is a good time to go through all
my supplies and purge. When i won't sit and think, "but one day i might need this" :)
i want my life back.

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Shannon Green said...

What??!! You haven't arted in 5 months?! Girl. That's not healthy. I think purging your stuff is a good idea. I was surprised at how much stuff I had that I really didnt need and I don't think I'll miss. Plus you never know what kind of inspiration you'll find while you're going through your stuff.

I'm making a rag rug right now and I swear it's been the size of a potholder for 3 days now despite my diligent efforts. If I can get it to placemat size today at least I might feel like I'm making actual progress.