Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Road Trip

OK, so we only went to Weatherford to eat pizza, but it was a bit of a drive. They have good pizza, reminds me of Italian Inn that finally closed in the 90's due to the crime in the area.
We also ended up here. We went to Gibsons alot when i was growing up. (at least when we lived in Texas) got many a school supply and stationery pad there. The last time I was in one was when we lived in Alice. in Jr High. remember looking at the stationery so i could write friends back in Hurst-and at the crafty stuff. Brought back alot of memories!

And here's Gary-checking out the toys-


Art Studio 522 said...

Oh my gosh we use to go to Gibsons when I was a kid! It was over in Dallas but I can't remember the name of the street. It was near one of my Aunts home. How funny and it does bring back memories.

Traci said...

Something we have in common even though I lived North and you lived South! We had a Gibson's as well and it was "the" place for sure!