Thursday, February 11, 2010

SNOW in Texas-again

This is the 4th time there has been snow in our area this winter-unheard of here. This is the most snow we've had out of those times-and may set a record for the area period. I decided this time i wanted to go to Ft Worth to take pictures at the cemetery. That turned out to be quite an adventure... Gary decided he would go with me-since he would be home tonight.
On the way in i spotted a "bike tree." Yep, lots of bicycles hanging in a tree...
We were in the honda. This is an important part of the story. The honda sits low to the ground. very low.
I ususally pull in to the cemetery and park-and walk. Move the car a bit but mostly walk. We parked. I got out. I was dressed for the weather. Boots, jeans, hat, scarf, gloves, coat. gary wasn't. I got out to take some pictures. walked around. more pictures. Gary came to find me. (easy to spot in the red coat) He went back to car, i walked around taking pictures. When i'm on the far side of the cemetery, i see him come walking up-then i notice the car and my first thought is "what was he thinking?!" The snow is deep here-not much traffic like the streets-car sits low. Gary said "we should probably leave while we still can before roads get bad." Well, when we get in the car to leave- and he asked where the road was-uh, there's not one at this point in the cemetery.

He sees open space that he decides he can drive through-luckily, this is at the back of the cemetery-where there are not old, little markers that could be covered in snow (that we could hit) well, this plan didn't work. We got stuck. dug out, stuck more, dug get the picture. going farther away, not getting anywhere near out. Bad words came from gary's mouth. "this never would have happened to me" was going through my mind. "I never would have driven to that point-would have left the car and walked." We called the cemetery office-even though someone is there, answering machine. Gary finally called Fred. Fred would come pull us out-he had an SUV and a chain. so we wait. Then gary goes to open the car to discover that it has locked itself. (for some reason the door started doing this recently) and the keys are inside...soooo, call to nathan, find the spare, get the gas can, (because men NEVER have enough gas in the car) get the tow rope and come bring it all to us... Fred arrived-with heat. Nathan arrived with key-Fred, Gary and I managed to get the car turned enough that we could hook up the chain and thank God, Fred was able to pull the car out and to the front of the cemetery. He thought we were nuts. I mentioned again, probably wouldn't have happened if i drove. (which, now that we are home gary agrees with) So, frozen feet and hands, wet jeans and coat & several hours later we were free-
and on our way home to dry
clothes, puppies, a fire, pizza and movies. We're in for the night~:)
note: gary was convinced there was a road where he was-i was pretty sure there isn't. He looked it up on google. I was correct-he was "in" the cemetery, there is no road there. "looks different in the snow"

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