Saturday, December 26, 2009

It was a White One!

Christmas Eve day came with a prediction of a "light dusting of snow-up to 1 inch. "
We got more. By the time we went to breakfast and ran an errand, the rain turned to mix then to snow. Here is the front yard by late in the day.
We headed to mom & dad's-on the icy roads-dad had gone to pick up the food-(i'm sure he was cussing the other drivers all the way there and back!) :) Everyone made it safely-keith, sandra, aaron, suzanne, ty, travis, patrick and addison. We ate, joked, cleaned up a bit then headed to tree #2 to open gifts. Addison wasn't quite sure what to make of it-since she had been told not to mess with the gifts for days when she was at grandma's-and now she got to open them. Our favorite was the "doll in a coffin" as we all nicknamed it. (She'll never know!)
We took our traditional foot picture by the tree at mom's.

Gary braved the cold when we got home to walk the dogs-they loved the snow so much today that he took them out to the dogpark -the only stayed a few minutes then they were ready to back to the warmth of the house!

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Donna, it snowed in your area, how lucky. Hope you had a great Christmas and thanks for stopping by, Theresa