Friday, September 12, 2008

This Week (ie nothing much)

Didn't do any art so far this week. The dogs got into a fight w/Mia-my fault-she got cut up pretty bad and had to go to the vet. She got staples in her head & neck (I guess stiches are passe) She will be fine but was scary.
Thurs was the 7th anniv of Sept 11. I thought about it on several occasions throughout the week but don't think it hit me until driving home from work-seeing flags at half mast. Gave me chills.
I leave with a picture of jack and riley. Riley climbed into the couch cushion that they tore up and i sewed shut-to no avail. anyway, here he is inside the cushion playing with jack...

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Carol said...

I hope Mia's much better now; same for your finger. Good to see you've been up to art! I'm back from Alaska. I posted a few pics. on my blog, believe it or not!