Monday, March 03, 2008

Life In Joyland

Had intentions of putting photos up-but can't til gary shows me the "new" way. My dad called me sun and said my grandmother fell down the deck stairs sat. She hit her skull by her good eye. Bled of course and she couldn't see. bruised too-gramp took her to springfield to the hospital-they said it might be a skull fracture, but since she was a "walk-in" they wouldn't keep her for observation (something to do w/medicare in Missouri or something) what a crock of shit. He drove her back to their city, she's in their nursing home until MON when the Dr will actually be there. Still waiting to hear what is going on.
NOTE: heard that she can't see because she is bandaged up-dad left that part out. nursing home because she was still a bit out of it-better on mon-)
I'm going to get something to eat-now that the numbness has worn off from today's dental visit. (be glad i don't post pictures of that!) then it's time to work on ATC's for artfest~

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