Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time Flies

So it's been 2 wks-guess time got away from me and posting.
Had a fun start to the wk-after working on fatbook pages for artfest, a little puppy decided to
try to eat a few-13 actually. ripped out the eyelet/ribbon on them before i caught him. Got them re-done and mailed and will post a picture this wkend.
Mon i had to go to the dentist for an unexpected root canal. Actually i should have expected it-broke a tooth a while back and since there was no pain, put it off-until pain hit and i found a new dentist on our plan...nothing like penicillin and vicodin to start your wk right!
Went for dinner mon night w/gary's family for he and his brothers' b-days. Lunch w/his mom and son on tues and dinner w/my parents tues night-got in all the bday celebrating for Gary-
happy birthday hon~
will try to get some pictures up this wkend on what i'm working on.

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