Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I want to try to post more often-and more art. Last sept when i went to work for my mom at the seminary, it was just m-f part time-and temporary. Well, almost a yr later, i'm still there and agreed to stay-almost full time. I go in early, so i get off early which gives me time for art-or so i thought. Now i come home and sleep every day-finally realized it's due to my meds-and once i get off them (soon i hope) i'll have more energy and create more. In the meantime, i fit it in when i can and when i feel like it. I'm trying to clean up the art room-and purge some things-narrow down my mediums (yea right) :) So i'll throw in pictures of "stuff" as well as art. This wkend i made this little piece that will be going into my etsy shop. As soon as i get a few more things photographed, they'll go in there too. The book below i made at the first Artfest-in a class w/Albie Smith-great teacher and wonderful book. I finally decided to use it to write down childhood memories-something to pass down.

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&rew said...

That is a beautiful blue book that you made in Albie Smith's Artfest class. I hope to take one of her decorative paper classes some day as I have seen many nice papers from her, but never met her.