Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

OK, so it's a day late, but i was busy on Easter. We had lunch at mom's as usual. She had B-B-Q and we all brought the extra's. (potato/corn/salad/beans/pies) and all of us forgot our cameras so no photo's. We had the adult egg hunt where we push and shove to get those money filled eggs. It was cold this yr! We had an unusual cold spell~since thurs-not that i minded one bit. We've had wacky weather the past few weeks-hot then cool then rain which we need. Beats the heat any day! I'll post a few spring/Easter themed pictures for you~
Nest is one made by me and added the bird/eggs to. Metal "nest" letters found at canton one time. Aren't the shoes cute! found these at Walmart and had to have them. They are too fun.
Soon i'll post the art i've been working on-and will finally put some peices on my Etsy site~

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