Sunday, July 30, 2006


Gary and I went to Buchanan's Garage Sale today-usually go to the antique shows, but had not been to one of the g sales before. Boy did i find some fun stuff! Most booths had everything marked down, or $1 tables-or it was "cheap" All that you see in my photo cost me about $15! can't beat that.
Went to the Grapevine convention on sat. got a few embellishments, mostly visited with people. Gary & Nathan got in while i was out-turns out they drove all night-but came home and slept awhile. Glad they are home safe.
Hope to do some art this wk-finish some wood pieces i started-will post the pictures when they are done. Will probably put a few on ebay again and see how that goes.
OH-how could i have forgotten? Got a new "toy" last night-yes folks-here she is in all her red glory...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Recent Art

here is a piece i made last wkend. still working on another that i will post
when done.
Gary & Nathan finally left for Vegas around 4:30-mom and dad left this am for St louis and Suzanne and family are heading for vacation-gee, i've been abandoned!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Long Time

Geesh, didn't realize how long it's been since i posted. Not a whole lot going on.
Still having some problems with my throat/swallowing. one day it may all be ok again.
Did make the box shrine for the nail-when it's all done, the picture WILL be here!
Been cleaning like crazy-and finishing up little projects around the house-I am co-hosting the Banders mtg w/jeanne this sun. Nothing like that for motivation!
more later when there's more to tell~

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nail UPdate

Actually ate semi-solid food today before going in for the next X-Ray.
First they didn't see it, but w/XR#2 they saw it still there. It was "close"
to passing. At some point this evening it did because i found it in our toilet.
I still have the throat pain-but the chest pain has greatly subsided.
On another note, had rain yesterday and today which we greatly needed. Today's
downpour cause flooding through our yard and neighbor's-their retaining wall
failed. picture one is backyard and 2nd one is the river down the front yard to the street. Thanks to the "construction" behind us. came close to entering through our back door. So one day, you WILL see a shrine to the nail~i'll post it here!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Week of the NAIL

For those who haven't heard, I swallowed a nail. No joke. on wed June 28, i was haning a frame w/a nail/hanger in my mouth when i suddenlyrealized the nail went down my throat. No pain-just scared me to death. Ended up driving to the ER-"why are you here" "I swallowed a nail" "You did WHAT?" was the common comment. Had everyone freaked out cause they all had done the same thing-let this be a lesson-don't put nails in your mouth-our moms were right! Gary showed up after his tests, then my sis. then i find out mom, dad, nathan are all on the way too. Great. I'm never going to hear the end of this. I can see the mounds of nail i will receive for Christmas from now on...
On to X-Ray. jokes didn't stop there. They decide to do an endoscopy on me-to try to retrieve nail from stomach. I call it roto-rootering the throat 101. Long story short, got the iv started-had to get me out of the cardiac room they had stashed me in-incoming emergency-real cardiac problem. I think the man died cause i heard a woman wailing. They took me to the GI lab-got me prepped-explained what they would do etc...just forgot the part where i wake up during and gag/retch so hard that i have strained all my muscles between stomach and head. I was supposed to be back to normal the next day. 6 days later and i'm still in pain. I've had x-ray's thur, fri, mon to see where the nail is. had to go back mon for a fabulous Iodine cocktail and Barium chaser to look at my throat & be sure no damage there. no-it "looks good" so i'm just strained and in massive pain.
And the combination burps up really nicely. tasteful too. Great diuretic for an empty stomach in case you ever need one.
Solid food is a thing of the past. Asked for pain meds wed night-they give me horse pills. guess that "it hurts to swallow" doesn't count for much.
Nail IS progressing-so far no pain from it-keeping fingers crossed. Due for another XRay on wed. really sick of the hospital. Did go out for some food today-so hungry-craving things like crazy. Had black eyed Pea bread w/gravy, cheese soup and potato. and will have the same for dinner- pictures later
gave me some lovely "souvenir photo's" at the hosp last week.